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I found myself at a large restaurant, the chairs and booths were wide along and out, with table designed to "accomodate" as I was now in more comfortable, less revealing clothing. The ambience was sceren and mellow. It looked to be a sort of fancy buffet place. Hoping I could request something light, my stomach had to go and make itself heard. But I was honestly famished.

Along with the table was a stand in with a swinging door, as a waitress stepped through it opposite of my view. She seemed oddly short with a hue of orange in her skin and dressed in traditional waitress attire. She showcased to my left a tray full of a variety of dishes, savory, hot, sweet and in plenty. She pulled out a roast beef with mashed potatoes in gravy, peas in gravy; everything looked to be soaked in gravy. As I was about to eat, she did the honors and fed for me, giving me forkfuls at a time. She smiled professionally as she lovingly fed me.

"Gotta make sure you don't stay skinny," she chirped.

With my mouth filled with potatoes, other hands popped up over me, rubbing my stomach and neck, moving down my back. All the while I slurped the last of beef from the empty plate, the waitress gave me french fries by the plateful, popping a fry at a time, filling my mouth again with other potato treats. She squirted ketchup in my mouth as I chowed down the bulk.

Pop after pop, my belly kept being petted, pinched by the folds, jiggled as it was tickled, wanting to stop it but barred down. Other hands cupped my chest, rubbing my nipples; getting a bit too much with the feeding and touching, but I kept it up anyway. Chewing and chewing, and offered sips of soda before chewing again, ready to be stuffed with potato salad by the spoonful and bowlful.

She smiled at me. "Such a hungry girl. You're belly's already sticking out." A random hand gave in a poke, sending a chill through me. She shoveled in more salad, another hand blotted my face with a napkin. The hands rubbed me further, as the stuffing shifted to cheeseburgers, piled on; so chewy, trying to keep up.

Practically sucking as I ate, the waitress still smiled, but had a strange way of going about what was going on.

"You haven't taken a break, but yet you don't seem to mind. You want to keep eating, yes?" She waited for my answer.

"I... some more ..." I chewed in-between and nodded.

"You don't mind getting fatter, do you?"

I shook my head.

"A giant belly, big sagging hooters? A giant ass?"

It only made me kept eating, burger after burger, my belly gained in mass with a hand pressed down in the fold. The chair groaned as my butt started to widen, letting itself make more room. It was now time for pasta and meatballs, all in gravy sauce and baskets of buttered bread, as one already popped into my eager mouth. Pasta twirlled into large yarns and shoved. My stomach nudged at the table, not quite ready to move, pushing my legs apart as they too thickened.

Downing more orange and grape soda, a quick burp esacped my lips as the waitress again replied, "Madam, you're positiviely plushed," noting my 200 pound extra gain, with shirt riding up on me and pants clinging.

She held up fried chicken as I chomped on that, I felt a bit warmer than before. The extra body fat? Did they turn the heat up?

The hands massaged and squeezed my saggy boobs, patted my belly, and smoothed out the groans. I grew out a bit as I was fed warm pot pies with mashed potatoes and cheese.

"That's it. Just relax as we feed you, watch you grow fatter..

More hems groaned as I gained more mass, belly hanging further out and kissing the table, my buttcheeks squeezed into the chair and under grabby hands. Without any work for my arms, they kept plumping up, growing large flabby wings of skin, becoming mound-like where I ate. It was too much to keep going but still continuing the rhythm forkful after forkful.

Between fried sandwiches, and hardy lardy loaves, my belly pushed against the table, a fold of fat folded into my chest and face. They finally moved the table out of the way, revealing how large my stomach became, now touching the floor and three feet in front of me. My fat back creased the large chair, my sides rose and puffed out.

There was more expanse for the hands to rub and fondle, delicately trail and poke the folds and flabs The waitress then offered mini pies with whipped cream, plopping a dollop on each one; the pumpkin pie was smooth and creamy.

More than twiced now gained than before, the fat making me rise, over powering the chair. My shirt ripped further as it turned into a bra, my pants like thongs, my puffed feet flat on the ground as they too were rubbed. The waitress eyed me with intent on my form, a slowly forming blob but eating all the same.

"Might need to make a pen for this little piggy."

My head laid perfectly on top of sagging cheeks and mutliple chins, broad shoulders and tired sized arms stacked over a bigger expanse of boobs and belly between giant drumsticks for legs. Easily over half a ton, the rubbings stopped for a moment.

The waitress gleefully gazed over my immobile shape, finally laying her tiny hands on she as she oozed, "You have grown so much, yes. I don't think you'll ever stop, will you?" I shook looking at her with glazed eyes. "Then you'll be having the snacking of your life. Eating and eating forever!" She went back to force feeding as I was helpless to even move as I swallowed more.

Then, the waitress called out, "Who wants to watch the piggy stuff her face?"
In return, more small orange waitresses appeared, offering more food. I was turned into an eating machine: chewing, tasting, slurping, glugging back more sodas and thick juices and shakes. The bra shirt hybrid rose and ripped in the middle, revealing more breasts, more holes, tearing up into rags, until I was a large nude glutton. I moaned as my stomach groaned, more of the women offered to rub it, their looks of delight and devilish glee. Just a huge blob of a woman with a tiny head and heavy limbs, belly spilling and butt expanding
"So faaaaaaat!" The group squealed in further manic fun.

"Yes. You're not full yet. Eat more!"

Now growing flabbier and wider on the ground, just having food dropped into my open mouth, fat wobbling and spilling on the floor. I was caught in a hell of overeating, unable to even move my fingers, lost in mounds of tons, my fat a part of the fat.

"Fatty can't do much about it," the lead waitress mocked, "Can't even fit through a house anymore

The others then chimed, "She's BIG as one!"

"Might have to put up real estate."

Feeling my fat jiggle around many handfuls, I felt my head slid back, the back of me sliding back, sloping down like an avalanche of fat, as I found myself back down and a mountain belly in front of me

"Uggh," I muffled.

The others moaned not in sadness or spite, but in curiosity. Watching someone so large and expansive, taking up more than her limit. While I gurgled and digested, they managed to step up a few rides along the expanse of my fat. They were bouncing about like in an inflatable castle. Others took to my boobs, jumping away. It was like tiny pebbles dropped along my giant body.

A hose suddenly covered my mouth, as I tasted various liquid batters, my head being cradled and softened.
I could only feel the taste of cake batter in my throat and when my body inched out in feet, still swelling, so swollen. The bouncy areas expanded, a ball throwing booth was set up around my giant nipples, a swirling ground ride built, a few stands offering consessions, all on my expanding belly.

On the lower end, they set up an attraction to display the fats around my puffed feet and extra folds of fat to explore. An underground tunnel was built later on, so groups could walk under my expansive flab, catching glimpses of my ass cheeks and creases. A suction covered my nose so I could get better access to breathing, as my breaths worked as energy to generate the park.

I kept on growing, more spaces to be filled for Flabby Island, drifting between consciousness and eating

"llie...-llie!" A voice called in my dreams

"....ake up... wake up....wake up!"

I snapped awake and looked around. I was still movable, a table in front of me as I sat that didn't compress in front of my stomach. I looked around and everything was calm. Fancy as sitting on the other side.

"You looked so comfortable hun, I wondered if you would ever wake up"

"What happened," I asked.

"You fell asleep silly. I never saw anyone wait for food for so long that they konk out."

I moaned. " it ready or something?"

"I took the liberty of setting it up for you. You certainly looked relaxed when you ate in your sleep."

"In my what?"

Looking over myself again, I found myself weighing over 600 pounds, but so very round.

"Two birds with one stone, right?"

I tried getting up, feeling the heftiness force me back down.

"You don't have to thank me. It would've happened anyway."

"But, I'm huge!" I wailed.

"A bit."

I tried to walk but it was like trudging through water.

"Don't hurry off yet, you'll burn it off," Fancy giggled.

Making for the exit when I was stopped by the Loompettes; I made a slow turn around, looking for another way, wobbling and waddling back and forth. I trudged through the kitchen doors with a bit of a nudge, but kept trying until I slipped off and huddled my way through.

"She sure moves fast for a giant fatty," one Loompette yelled out amusingly.

The exit outside was my only chance. Making heavy tracks, I was almost there, but now that was sealed off by more Loompettes, this time dressed more elegantly.

"You're highness. where are you off to?" This Loompette was dressed in a purple short gown and black trimvruffles.

One in an puffy orange dress asked, "Were you going for a jog," as she laughed.

"You can't leave yet. There's work to be done," a pink adorned Loompette also replied. "You need to move your royal cheeks over this way."

"I need" I panted.

"To go with us!" They cried out together.

The kitchen expanded back, counters and stoves pushed back, the area grew more as the tiny mob surrounded me.

Boompa Bloompa doompa see doo/ we've got a ceremony just for you.

Boompa Bloompa, doompa dah dee/ if you are fat, you'll listen to me.

Today is a special day, as we crown for your glorious way!

I was stuck shuffling in circles as they sang and moved around me, giving me a shove as I rolled onto my belly with a big flop.

There will be a feast for your mountainous tum/so much to fill, you will go "yum!
Eating and eating/growing so huge! A sight of fertility!

They pushed me off like before, rolling me along like a giant ball of dough, down a red carpet. Crowds appeared behind the velvet ropes with my fleshy body sloshing and bloomping along the ground.

Boompa Bloompa doompa dee dah/ here is her highness, growing oh so large.

They rolled me up a large domed set, pushing me in place so that I fit in the deepened hole, moving so that I was now sitting in front of everyone

"Her highness has arrived!" The purple Loompette announced.


I still had no idea what was going on, I still needed to know, but they cheered on.

Fancy appeared in a glittering gown behind a Loompette sized podium, testing the mic and readjusted it.

"Being the Boompa Bloompa is a high honor," she began. "It marks you as the best worker for the Loompettes and as a guide of bounty. Back to the old days of the First Boompa Bloompa. The story tells of a woman who was stranded on our world, who tried to sample our edible floras but was not processed in a way for humans to digest. She too became engorged. We tried to make her stay comfortable, that she would have to get used to the environment, all before we discovered how to travel abroad. When she got too big from the delicacies, we had to find ways to thin her down, only to gain again after eating, never getting enough fill."

So the Loompettes had their own world, mirroring the backstory of the original Wonka tale.

"Her massive girth came to our aide during a terrible storm that blew from our neighbors on the other side of Loompas. She took the lead, as our sisters rolled her up to the mountain, to a large cave where the winds ravaged from. She was met with other ancient Loompettes whose images were craved into totems who sacrificed their figures, fattened and used as boulders for cover. Her size was much larger as her back was hoisted over the opening, sealing off any entry from the storm winds, diverting disaster for our kind. Ever since, her massiveness has been celebrated on our home island. When we came to this world, we still kept her in spirit. Inspiring us to perfect our food for human consumption, by scouting and hiring other human women who could also bare the brunt of girth each time. None were able to live up to her legacy the way you have."

Her attenion now gazed at me, baring a tiny soft smile.

"Your mark has not gone unnoticed, it's no surprise how we all were in awe of you, bellying this desire, changing, reshapng, reforming for us, that not only made our world safe and cared for, but also in provisions of this enjoyment for the sake of letting go."

I sat there listening to all this. But...with what...has happened to me....was all for this?

"We," she renewed her speech, "Weren't sure at first. Yes, you had the discipline and drive to allow yourself to engorge, but we had to see if you had the resiliency to take so much stretching and filling. Our BB couldn't be one who would burst under pressure. That's why I used that crystal to safely remove any further resistence, to let you explore further. It seemed that even if losing that inhibition and dealing with your fears, your will inside still went on. You ate as you pleased, you were inflated as we liked. And we did like." She very much noted that last sentence the enjoyment of the hedonism episode.

"So now, you will be regarded as high among the Loompettes and to the Boompa Bloompa. Allowing yourself some girth and thicker skin...but also a bit of fun on the side. As I say all the time, you have nothing to fear (unless you want to pretend to, that's fine too)."

She then turned to the crowd, a gala of many Loompettes in dress and casual cute outfits.

"All hail Allie! All hail Boompa Bloompa!"

They chanted back, "Hail Boompa Bloompa!"

I still sat, a big mound onto myself, as they celebrated for me, a living deity. After the cheering died down, the rest of the Loompettes went off to celebrate. I was left with Fancy and a few other Loompettes in the coronation room; now shrunk further down with a shawl for make shift clothing wrapped around me.

"I hope you're not too mad about what happened." She said this with an air of sympathy. "You'll still keep your apartment and your job. Everyone will make strictly certain you will be protected. You don't even have to work as much if you don't want, you definitely earned it.

I did have to process everything else besides what Fancy revealed to me.

"Hmm..this is just a bit much. I understand what the work would be like, but scaring me like that half to death, it might not have been as bad if I still had that resiliancy to not worry if I knew what this was about.

"Yes... Well, at time, those worrying feelings are where most of the energies come from, so that there's more for the good ones.

A Loompette sporting her hair with a curled pony tail approached us as she quppied, "We can start over if you like.

"No surprises,' another chirrped in. "Alright, no unplanned ones, just know how it'll turn out.

"You can choose how you want to feel," a third also suggested.

"All in the comfort of your own imagination," Fancy fianlized.

Pondering, but allowing, "If you say so."

The Loompettes giggled with praise.

"Tell us what you would like, and we'll have it ready."

I explained to Fancy some ideas. With things now in place, it was Fancy and I, spending the alone time together.

"Do you ever wonder what it's like for those things to happen to you," I asked.

Those things? You mean all the inflating and fattening?"

"You said that Loompettes weren't capable of being inflating or something like that. Has it ever happened before?"
She now had to think for a moment.

"Even though our delicacies effect humans in a strange way, it is not the same for your food. As Loompettes are incapable of digesting not only human food, but the floras and such of your entire world, without the aid of our own additives. We tried it once, but they all became badly sick, just from being gassy. That's why humans seemed like the obvious choice. Though, seeing it in action has given me an idea of what it could be like. Personally, my preference is being the 'inflater'," she slowly drove out that word, before going for a landing poke on my covered up belly.

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Our journey had passed over colorful trees and fields as we soon approached a factory in the distance. I wondered what a sight I would be if anyone saw in the sky a large tri-colored balloon with two slightly smaller "balloons" attached.

“Oh goodla, we're nearly there!” Fancy jumped in the basket and pointed, bouncing along in response to hers. “, to get you down somehow...” I only responded by wiggling my tiny fingers.

Then, something popped up in her head, her face saying, 'I know!'. Inside the basket with her was her own bag; she rummaged through the contents and took out something circular and with a hole inside the rubber material.

“This might do it!” She balanced her aim, then gave a hard toss up as the rubber circle slapped onto my exposed belly skin and a line of whistling air shot out.

  “Great, great!” She clapped.

My balloon mass slowly shrank, and so the basket grew heavier. I let out a high squeal as we descended, lower and lower from the sky until the basket settled on the ground.

Fancy leapt out of the basket as she cried, “Eeee yay safe ground!!!”

I swayed and bopped in the air, drifting downward like a large limp plastic bag. I thought I would be back to normal at least, but something wasn't right. Something felt smaller, thinner, flatter. The air kept whistling out as it puffed out a few morer wisps. I now found myself on the ground, flattened like a cut out character board. After doing a little joyful dance and turning to face me, Fancy looks over my cartoonish flatness.

“Oh...OH my...erm....” Feeling a little embarassed, she hurriedly brought the tank of air over, corked the hose into my mouth and turned the valve on. Nothing happened. “Empty! I guess manual methods will have to do.”  She revealed another pump and attached it to the hose, pumping away. “Hold on a sec!” She quickly replied. With enough air in and before doing anything else with the hose, she unplugged me and knelt on the ground. Her hands at my head as she began to fold and wrap me down, until I looked like a rolled up newspaper.

“Better do this inside just in case.” Wanting to make sure of no other delays, she slung her bag on her right shoulder and rolled up me to be carried under her left, dragging the tank with her as we headed for the the factory.

While the owner actually had the name “Wonka”, it was either rumored to be a nickname. I did wonder though how much of a coincidence it was if this person had some hired help. An all female work force of 3 foot tall and buxomed help. Each had a unique hair color, some like blonde and brunette and others in green and pink. One that stood out sported a long tied up tail of cotton candy blue. Her skin like the others in almond tone.

The hustle of the inner workings of the factory were normal, all the ladies running around, managing large and active machines that hissed steam and churned. Fancy walked by one group huddled over a blue print, studying the material and chattering among each other.

She neared a blank white door and reached for the knob with a turn as she entered. She dropped her bag on the floor, tank and pumps set aside and then place me on the white floor. She gave me a little push as I unfurlled and flapped to my normal stance.


It didn't sound like it was me. It took much effort to speak, weighed down even when flat.

“Weird?” Fancy quipped. “I've seen weirder.”

She giggled, pumping on the hand pump, each push down caused me to soften up, then another pump as I plumped a bit more. I hoped she didn't have any sneaky plans going on when she pumped me back to normal, at least I wanted to find out what we were gonna do today. My limbs swelled forward and my body gained in mass, feeling like someone’s rubber love doll being blown up manually.  She filled me back to normal size, then gave three more pumps "for good luck", and made me look just a touch plumper.

“Hic! Ohhh...”  I tried sitting up. “I don't know what was crazier: being a hot air balloon or some piece of paper. Ulp!” A burp let out in my throat as I reached my hand to my neck and collarbone. “Bulp!”

Fancy trailed her fingers up in a wicked glee. “I think I know how to help those burpies.”

“What do you urp recommend?”

Fancy felt my stomach with a quick squeeze. “Guess you need something that-“ she patted it as she led me by the hand, “helps that belly.”

“Hm..if you say so..”

“I'll make it quick. Just the two of us, hehe.”

After providing me something to wear, a long powder blue gown dress, she brought me down the hall to another locale further away. Finding ourselves infront of a pair of doors, she turned a doorknob at her size and let it open further with a squeaky creek. Now inside this room, which looked more like a large compartment space, she helped me stand in place, my feet placed on something fitting and comfortable.

“Nice and comfy for you! Just stand there and let me do my work.”

“What am I suppose to do here? How does this help the gas?”

“Just relax and stand still, hun. I’ll be setting up the program.”

Working on a large machine with various buttons each with different commands, she pulled a knob out as it hummed and echoed.

“Now nothing to be scared of, just showing you one of the processes we do here. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.”

She fiddles with some switches and buttons. Then a hose drops down from the high ceiling. Snaking down, alive and placed around my lips.

“Hrm?” I muffled my confusion.

“Don't worry hun, just part of it. Your tummy must’ve been empty and needed some nom’s.”

What I thought would be some sort of liquid shooting out was more like I was literally swallowing whole foods I would normally chew. The first that slid down was a plate of angel hair and meatballs in sauce, but without actually “eating” it. I just gulped it down. It tasted amazing and real; it felt like they were shrunken down coming out of the hose end and fitted perfectly in my mouth.

It was one thing for the hose to come out of nowhere, but now I found myself changing, slipped from the gown and emerged into a smooth nude form. The humming wailed as the hose bent and swayed. Then came pizza slices, roast beef with mashed potatoes and heavy in gravy, just drinking it down. Fancy just giggle and looked on, gazing at my body, my stomach gaining momentum.

The central air blew on me, a tingle on my skin and feeling its comforting coolness as I "drank" some double rocky road ice cream, slices of marble cake to red velvet to baked apple pie.

“Very good.” Her tone sensuous. “Much easier and less messy. At least for now.”

More meals and desserts alike filled my mouth, I swallowed the intake to keep up. My stomach distended further, forming a bigger lumpy apron sagging down and my breasts drooped as they plumpened. The feel of my upper arms kissed and squeezed against booby flesh, thickening into tires. My thighs kissed each other further as cellulite and dimples formed, propelled with further fat. A wiggling came out of my hips and waist, swelling away into a bigger size. Now swollen fatter and fatter with pink rolls hanging on top of each other, gurgling and swishing with new flesh.

Flavors, testures and aromas came and went. It showed soon enough as I found my abdominal frame swelling out, swishing past my eyes in a soft fattening, growing rounder and flabbier. It supported the nestled expansion of my breasts, as they creased into the fabric, cupped tight before tearing the seams and exploding right out. The skin spilled over the ripped holes and hung nicely into the form, relaxing while swelling.

Now settling into a wider, rounder shape, flopping of pasty rolls ripping more cloth apart. Surrounded then with padded layers, now feeling covered in fat and more encompassed space. It wasn’t until the last drop that I was able to rest my mouth, a deep breath struggled under my newly formed “udders”.

Fancy jumped off the machine and trotted up to me. Her hands encompassed the lower area of belly hang and leg fat. Her arms caressed over the large tummage, feeling the warmth eminate.

"This is always the best part," she moaned. 'How are you feelin' this time?"

She was curious of my take on this I could tell, while trying to focus with my head swimming in fat. If I ever ate this much in one sitting in this much quantity, I would be sick and lying down in bed with the pain. Somehow, even though I DID gorge as much as I did just from a hose only approach, it ended up being this...

“Mm, my cute mm little blimpette!" Her hand rubbed on exposed tummage.


“You're looking a little thin there. Did you eat yet?”

“Not really. Kind of famished.”

“Great!” Jumping off. “Now you'll have room.”

*Coyly* “Are you by any chance thinking of that idea I told you about?”

“Maybe. Come.” Offers her hand to help me back up as she led me to our room. “I think maybe we can try it for you, hun.”

“Really? Have you ever-

“Not quite, but close to it.”

I prepped up by changing into a soft stiched neglige in white pink, then taking out some ropes from a drawer brought out prior, taking it out of the bag and placing them on the bed. Fancy used the bathroom to change, humming pleasently.

When she exits, she's dressed in her own Loompette sized leather outfit with bare shoulders and the leather styled at her neck. She wore black ankle boots with rims as she pushed a side of her red hair done up back and hanging in a tail. She held a long feather wand and another stick with tag strings adorned, both I'm familiar with in BDSM ilk.

“What'cha think?”

“Think?'s a first seeing a Loompette in any outfit than what you normally wear.”

“And look at you: so innocent looking. Let's see how long that teddy lasts.”
She slowly approached the bed as I sat with my legs bent. Now shifted and seated, she goes for the soft ropes and proceeded to tie my wrists together, dragged over me as I lay on the bed and her readying the ropes tied to the posts, now under her control with no escape.

“Get ready to have that tubby blubbery.”

I nodded.

“Now as your mistress, you must eat everything I offer you. Don't react over what happens next or what you end up like, but that's the fun part, heee.”

“Mistress, yes.”

“Got our little conveyour belt set up early, programmed with foods that you would find tempting that you can't resist. Agree?”


“Alrighty.” She giggled in her usual tone, then takes the first item from the belt: a chocolate donut, it appeared to look like an Entemanns’ donut.
“How about this one? You must eat it, do not hold back or close your mouth you might choke. Otherwise, you might get this.” She trailed the leather strings over my chest and gives it a tap on my stomach. “Nothing too hard if you're good.”

I nod. She brought the donut to my mouth, letting me get a whift of it as she pushes it between my lips. I bite down into the crisp coating, starting to chew as she pushes more in.

“My good piggy.”

More stuffed in as I keep chewing, swallowing it down and let out a quick gasp.  

“Time for another!”

Taking another donut and pushing it in again. I kept chewing to keep up with her rushes. I kept catching my breath, to keep up as she patted my belly. No stopping as I kept being fed, chomping down. I felt my stomach stretch out, working already. I was now chewing on a third and fourth helping as it kept swelling.

“Very good.” A quick poke, then grabbed nice cheesy burger.  “You like?”

“Yes mistress, yes.”

Scarffing on cheeseburgers, my  mouth the only thing able to move and chew the crammed burger. Fancy kept up the pacing, smiling as I ate and ate, no bother counting how many were taken. I munched on pizza next, but I didn't see it get picked up from the conveyour, commanded to chomping my way for her pleasure.

My stomach stretched the neglige with the hem riding up. Fancy felt around it.

“Mmm, looking softer. You must have more.”


“Are you hungry?”

“Mistress, yes.”

“Do you want more?”

“Mistress, yes!”

She held up a plate of large slice of red velvet like a waitress, the cake oozed with cream and filling, cookie crumbles at the top and more cream. A big forkful dug in and now lovingly entered my maw. Fancy hummed along as she heard me chew away.

“Such a greedy girl. Oompa loompas certainly know how to make them.”

Stuffing forkfuls as my body made a sort of swilling noise. At my head, my upper arms hung lower than usual with fat, sagging as they travelled to my lower arms. I felt some new rolls squeezed between my waist, stretching the fabric. Fancy sat by my legs as she looked over their usual dimpled form now swollen.

She playfully poked along my breasts now swollen twice in size and more pokes in a row on my growing belly. With each red velvet slice, I softened more, my second chin more prominent and a fuller face. My sides spread like batter trying to fill out of the nightie. My boobs creaked as they spilled out, the fabric starting to tear.

Then, Fancy picked up a remote, turning on the stereo for this room. It played beginning notes, haunting yet light from an organ piece back and forth. It certainly sounded slow yet my body quickly changed, bloomping here and there. I grew fatter and fatter on a new slice, almost twice my original size. The neglige rode up and exposed more flab.

“Uh oh. I got some cream on my finger. Please lick it off.”

She dangled her coated finger by my mouth. My lips tried to reach and my tongue darted out, trying for a lick. She brought her finger closer and I licked it up. She presented the empty plate to me, now licking that clean.

“Certainly a clean one. Even cleaning the actual plate. Such a good blobette!”

She shimmied off the bed and approached the machine.

“But this is too slow. Rreaching over to the side, she pulled out a long hose, carried it back and climbed back on the bed, adjusting it as it sat on my breasts and tight around my lips.

“You're still too thin.”

A gleeful chuckle let loose  as she watched my mouth caught around the nozzle.

“Let's fill this cream puff up. Do you want more?”

“Mistress, yes.”

“Are you a creampuff? I might just take it out right away if you don't. Or maybe put it at full speed”

“I am a cream puff! Please fill me.”

Fancy clicked on the hose as it came to life with a surge of liquid. Splashing into my mouth was a rich creamy strawberry shake, filling my cheeks quickly but trying not to choke back in a swallow. Ita medium flow kept coming, gulping it down without stopping.

Shaking and gurgling about, the shake went about quicker. I inflated with the gulps steadily, my skin groaned and the nightie pulled further as it ripped apart. The shoulder straps popped off with more exposed chest skin. My burgeoning waist tore it asunder, revealing more belly spreading. I had the legs of worthy drumsticks with a bit of plumpened feet. My arms grew and sagged and indented around my wrists. I felt my face grow fatter despite guzzling away.

This turnout played so slow and dream like, the song taunted me as I swayed and gurgled, now taking up the bed spread. Fancy marveled at my rising belly, a mountain of flab slowly spilling over my legs and my butt pushing it up. My arms folded and refolded with flab and now a third chin came in with a fatter neck.

Quickly and already off the bed before any room was left, Fancy reached under the bed and pulled out what looked like a tray made for a  bed with more room, then she hopped to the other side and pulled that tray out. Now allowing me to bloat further without further sagging.

My belly was big as a bean bag and my giant cream filled boobs puffed, my form spread wider and now back fat pushed on my head, my stuck arms now fleshy cones as they mixed with the side-sagging boobs. Little sausage fingers wiggled as I grew and the ropes tightened. And even with more room the bed creaked a little, showing off more of my flab spread frame, possibly over 800 pounds from the looks of it.

“My my, look at you.” Seemingly pleased with herself, poking along the mounds. “Starting to look more like a pastry bag than a cream puff. You really are a good greedy girl.” She patted proudly, made a few belly waves. It looked like my girth was about as tall as she stood and still filling.

The frame of my cheeks were now pushed against the nozzle around my mouth, drinking stealthly despite belly rumbles. The ropes groaned and broke free of my wrists, letting my arms fall hard at my sides, jiggling with no more use of them or the ropes. Still spreading wider and taller than I am, turning into a stuck blob of a womanly mold.

The folds of my belly squeezed between my legs and pushed them apart. They were enormous as they touched the tops of my feet. My butt just as big and shifting under my back, put into a lopped comfortable position. I almost looked like one of the ladies in my favorite immobile pics, but somehow could put them to shame. Either the bed was already big to begin with or I saw more frame spread out further, being lulled away as my head began to sink.

“All done!” Her cheerful reply as she pulled the hose out with a pop. I licked what I could off my fat lips. “You must be very content now.”

With effort to answer came out as a muffled reply,  “Yyess.”

As she climbed down a handy stepping stool at the floor, she peered down for a better look at me, noting my face visible despite blown up cheeks, many chins and a massive amount of the rest of me.

“Look how adorable and trapped you are! Let me see you wiggle your fingers.”

With extra effort, I felt the puffiness of my digits move slowly rub on skin.

“Those seem to be the few smallest parts on you, my mountain cutie.”

“Are you pleased with this mistress?,” speaking heavlily.

“Oh very much! Such a healthy appetite as always and so obedient. We should do this more often.”

She patted my right breast and with a bit of steadying, she leaned forward, balancing along the fat boob as she procceded climbing on top of me, her hands digging in as she crawled over along uneven folds. Now settling herself along the area of my belly and looking at me dreamily.

“Good thing these bed flaps were installed, it would've been difficult getting on you.”

*Trailing her finger on me. Then he reveals her feathr wand and proceeds to sweep over my still covered breasts, now with the last piece of the gown as a bib.*

“Can't do anything now. You look soooo ticklish.”

*swifting it around and over my nipple at the side. My hands jerked about, being so ticklish and all.*

“Let's see what I can about you.” *Prepping*

Oompa loompa doompa de doo/I got a blob of a girlfriend in you.
Oompa loompa doompa de dee,/stuck in your girth and must obey me.
How does it feel to be big as a room?/While sitting on top of your fleshy moon?
But there's still more fun to be had/what can you do about that?
So stuck in place/with your cute fatty face *tickling over them*
All my goals are met/but I still feel the need to keep you fed/my greedy greedy girl.
Oompa loompa doompa de dah, if you don't resist you wil grow far./ We will be in happiness too, once I give you more and more yummy food!

Giggling about as she spread the feathers along, curving my gargantuan belly sensually. Herself rolling along my belly as she lands by my legs and then rolls forward up.*

“Mmm, feels good for both of us. But I might get crushed trying to pull that tummy of yours up, might need some help...”

She crawled to my face and planted a kiss of my lips, tasting their plumpness. Her hands reached over and fondled sagging breasts, tweaking and tuning my sensitive as usual nipple and trying to move in reaction. Crawling back, her hands indented and grabbed occasional handfuls. The toes of her heels circled and tapped. She slid down my belly shute, lifted a bit of flab and propped them with a hammock to keep it rested, ready to pleasure me again. Her handy work was like the first time she fattened me up. So tingly, so gentle. She rubbed along the deep inner caverns of my thighs as she licked.

My heavy breathing able to release moans swayed my body or my body would sway me, stuck inside a quicksand of girth. Amazng how I can still be pleasured but can't lift a finger.

"It might take me hours just to feel every soft inch of you," Fancy answered from her vibrated hums.

Her head swam with ideas for future items, the belly hammock being a recent one while I lied there, napping while wobbled.

She muffled and propped her head back up.

“Almost forgot.”

Using the remote, she aimed it at the conveyour belt as it churned out small little sweet bits. A set of mech prongs pinched one and whirred to my head, to lift my mouth and drop it in as I chewed it. It tasted like a soft chocolate cake. The mechanical prong kept picking up a piece at a time.

"Just in case you're hungry," she giggled jabbing me in the belly as she rubbed her head along my folds. She swabbed and rubbed under my large thighs, carefully scrubbing around my sensitive lady bits and up and down to my trunk sized calves.

Wiggling my lower cheeks again, our apartment transformed into a different area. A different room, spacious and in red wallpaper and imported rug. Chairs and tables in felt red and brown wood.

"Makes it more...regal and comfy," she commented.

More red slithered out, snaking around my ankles but leaving my arms open which perplexed me.

"Relax. We'll be using one of the 'special' rooms that's normally open when asleep, so the experience is more shared."

"What...special rooms?"

"The ones open whenever you're asleep. I did hear the news of the ghost Loompettes appearing. I just knew you'd be picked, such a high honor."

"Is it...always open when I am?"

"Only if it picks up on it. Now, just relax hun," she smiled again and patted my stomach. I could imagine what scenario would turn up. It felt ominous, like "om nom nom" ominous.

My nerves peaked and I was still hungry, even with a relaxing yet ominous melody playing. Then a gravitaus voice echoed out of nowhere.

"Are you the human spoken of?"

I tried to answer but was cut off.

"I see you are of girth, girl. But just how much we'll see."

The food was now presented in many forms, appearing out of the air. I was still stuck tied down, wondering what will be done.

"Eat. Eat what is offered."

The Loompettes then appeared in formation; one presented a plate of pasta as I sucked on a noodle *She fed me a meatball each from a fork, dripping in sauce and found myself chewing it up. My mouth was chocked full as a gravy bowl tipped to my lips, the taste of a rich butter sauce, gulping it down. My breasts felt extra heavy, tingling as I gulped and scarfing down on loaves of bread popped in.

The voices were the numerous Loompettes, but none seemed to talk.

"The bread will be buttered right inside her gut."

"Got a big butter belly there," as one rubbed my taut form.

"Try some cupcakes," popping in pistachio cupcakes with a smooth creamy pistachio frosting topped with nuts. It tasted so rich, smooth, coating my mouth as I chewed, wobbling from a few prods.

But I still ate, the hunger demanding as I gained a bit more middle. If this is what fear, hunger, anxiety felt with a bit of mindlessness, chewing cupcakes, gulping sauces and creams.

"Gettin' a bit soft there."

"So pudgy and piggy!"

They grabbed the extra flab and folds, feeling the thickness.

"Definitely getting soft. Don't quit just yet."

"But I doubt she would. You're really loving this, no?"

"Keep on eating, you little cream puff!"

Bloomping out from behind, my body stretched the night gown, groans called out as I was forced to sip shake after shake, all the while being 'shaken' I tasted forkfuls of meat pot pies, veggie pies, mashed potato pies; I could feel my cheeks swell between bites, my back getting heavy, belly outstretched.

"She keeps blowing up, like a balloon."

"Like a butterball!"

My arms were grew larger as I felt myself swell and plump, muffling between bites. I groaned and sloshed, my thighs kissed and formed round little mounds.*

"Keep eating!"

"Very obedient piggy. You just keep growing and growing..."

It was then, my stomach ached, strained, was I getting full soon? My arms were sagging bags as I was felt up with the Loompettes feeding me at my sides. I groaned between bites, feelling too full, tight. Will I explode??

"Oh dear will she explode??"

As I kept groaning between spoonfuls of pudding, the bowl was empty and they stopped. They put their empty dishes aside and backed up, ogling my form: a massive mound of flesh standing on bulky legs with a giant middle and a perplexed fat face. It was now the ominous voice that spoke again.

"Excellent! You have gained a significant amount, you appear fit to burst. Fear not girl. Your girth is amazing and limitless! Enjoy it! this size will be small soon."

What did he, or it, mean? I was unable to move, the straps cut into my legs as they snaked away. Like I was able to even move anyway. The Loompettes looked at me with their own hunger, smiling at me.

"She's definitely massive!"

"A big old cow!"

"No! bigger than that! A bean bag!"

"Her own couch!"

They giggled.

I let out a moanful, "So fuuulllll..."

"Looks like she's already mooing! You're not even half full."

"I bet you're still hungry. We bet you are,you're too fat to get through the bathroom door."

Instinctually, I tried to move, cricking and creaking, so much fat moving and dripping.bThey looked shocked.

"And trying to move all that? Fat ass is as big as the door, if there was one."

"Nice view of the moon!*

They all roared in squeaky laughter, mocking me, as I tried to move through quick sand. It only took one waddle to rip my gown away, revealing myself in naked glory, just sloshing about and shifting to the side.

The Loompettes took turns running around me, laughing. I could barely see over the valley around me, but felt more grabs and pokes. I tried to tell them to stop. I couldn't go on, I had to stop as I gasped.

"She barely moved an inch!" This made them laugh harder; it was like chipmunks roaring.

"Better get lard ass moving then!"

They circled me, they seemed to..float as they walked. They pinched my arm fat and nipples, I tried but helpless to stop. It sounded like they were chant singing, but seemed hazy.

Boompa bloompa doompa dee doo!
We've got ourselves a big tubby balloon! ( oo oo oo)
Oompa Loompa doompa dah dee!
She's now too fat and now do as we please! (ee ee ee)
What do we do with a giant but-ter ball?
One more step and she takes a migh-ty fall!

They continued to dance around me, poked and proded in time to their tune. Their tiny hands then pushed in, forcing me back. As they pushed into me, their tiny hands sank into my pudge, making a soft squishy noise as I flapped my useless hands.

"No more human: she's a gi-ant blob!"




Softly on the floor, they give me a shove, my view spun around and fat flopped.

A big doughball!
Your fatness seemed to roll rather well
Are you ready for more?

Giving me another push, air squeaked out of my folds between skin flops.

Oompa loompa doompa dee dah!
Being a fa-tty, you will grow far! (ah ah ah)

They stopped rolling me for now, teasing my lips with another one of those cupcakes that I liked.

You will eat and eat-ever more,
Like The Boompa Bloompa Doompa dee doo!!

They rolled me along, passing through an opening large enough for me to enter. Where were they taking me? If this was a dream setting, it could be anywhere, by dream or nightmare standard.

One Loompette took the job of standing over my head as I rolled, dropping pieces of chocolate bars, chewing what I was offered, in their control. The pace seemed to have quickened as I moved faster, rolled faster. I didn't feel any hands on me, so I was just rolling down, no stopping as their voices echoed around.

"Someone with an idol better be running down there!"

I squealed in terror, but found myself falling off a ledge and downward, the light going out. Then, I landed with a mighty crash. Did it break, or I did break my fall? But where was I? I moaned, scared of where I was left.

"She seems ok..."

"Is it even human? Or a she?"

"She has overblown features."

"Why does it jiggle so much?" A soft poke met my round body.

"Just sit tight. you did have a big fall, just relax while we work."

"Here, something to tide you over...but how much over."

Whatever they did, I was 'stuck' with something crammed in my mouth, forced to chew again, my neck and shoulder fat supported my head like a pillow, just laid out like a mattress.

"She could be very useful like this."


Something jabbed at me; I gritted. Right on my breasts had been poked by tiny soft points, now pointing directly at my nipple. That tickled feeling came over me, pulling on me and found my butt growing exponentially, bigger and bigger, out growing a couch, pulling at my shorts and ripping the hems. Then came my chest and stomach, stretching out at the same time, billowing and groaning, with noises of sloshes and gurgles, pulling at the front my clothing. My sides widened for that fattened rounding look, becoming very fat from my cheeks and neck, surrounded by the fat in my shoulder areas. The view of my feet gone and with a giant sagging belly and heaving boobs.

More clothing rode up and ripped away, the floor creaked. It came to a stop when I was just a massive blob spreading out with clothes just lying on me.


Then, a twinkling sound sprinkled, a light dazzled over a clear sphere as it sparkled, a golden crinkle fluttered inside the glass, as it was held in someone's grasp.

"" I groaned and flapped my hands, feeling that tickle that can't be reached.

A voice called out, "Indeed like yesterday. A cute fat thing."

The ball flowed as I felt my body become even more massive, spilling along the floors.

"Either like this..."

Another wave, and I shrunk down a bit, but then found the lumps turn firmer, tucking into a rounded shape.

"Or like this. I could even do this."

Another wave, and I found myself slowly floating off the floor. What was going on here as I lifting up to the ceiling.

"And it's as simple to do this."

Another wave and I floated back down, bouncing on the tip of my belly axle, being rolled by myself, bopping over my chest with each roll. How is this even happening!?

"And can't even do a thing about it." The voice revealed itself.

The Green Man cooed, "Such cute helpless feet," as he trailed a finger up and down the flat sole, my hands were going crazy.

"They were on to something recognizing you. The fabled human succombing to the transformations, driven by a hidden passion and with resiliency from a messy demise. You want this as much as she does...even if you don’t believe it. It is nice seeing you at mercy and worry you have no control over it. It's just only on the outside, a barrier hanging from somewhere to watch herself watch over her

"What do you mean?" Trying feebly to find any sense.

"Oh, it should be obvious by now. Anyway..."

Another wave over the crystal ball and I returned to a standing position, but my body became fatter again, folds of fat spilled out again and now were I stood; immense, immobile, helpless.

"I have most of the control as usual, and you as my willing subject."

Slippery noises gloshed and I was back to my normal fully clothed.

"That was all weird, but at least I'm back to normal."

"Not for long though," he commented, as if to correct me.

"What are you gonna do to me?"

He only chuckled.

Then, our surroundings changed, the situation changed, like finding ourselves in another story or plot. I was wearing a hot blue neon laced nightie with black panties. A hose appeared, then two hoses; one inserted into my mouth, and another slinked behind the panties, feeling something stuck there. I could feel the hoses but unable to pull them out. A hiss began and I felt my cheeks swell out, my face swollen.

Air filled below me, pushing my stomach out and tightening over the cups of the negligee. My stomach filled up, firming and smoothing out as the piece kept staying tugged. My legs chunked up and warbled between each other, a few squeals here and there. My face was becoming too tight, save that the air was already flowing inside me and pressed my cheeks as far as possible. Hoses still in place, a sudden feel slowly swpet me up, finding myself hovering, my toes barely touching ground as my legs spread and arms elongated out for more air filling. My head encompassed my swelling shoulders and boobs becoming rounder and bigger, exposing the skin under my gaze. I kept muffling, protesting for it to stop.

But, oh Goddess, that tickle; reactionary laughter unavailable, without to struggle from it. Just letting me get bigger, feet spreading apart with limbs groaning, swelling, rounding further out, it let my limbs become round dots upon my balloonish body. Something grappled around me, squeezing me. It was Fancy, gleaming and nuzzling my ball body

"Don't worry hun. Keep going. I wouldn't let you have all the fun alone," was her reply, as I muffled out frantically.

"It only looked like him. I'm using the crystal ball he left behind. I should let you know you're doing great. This is only me; this ball here has a funny way of letting me know it's you, where all the inhibition went even if you're scared. Whatever happens, remember: it's only me."

She nuzzled deeper before I lost sight of her. My body had become even more round with ball shaped limbs, a puffy face and bouncy chest, wobbling in the air between the hoses, just floating about, falling forward as if each hose was holdingon me at each end, like a ball on a stick between two bookends.

But perfectly round and floating all the same, still swelling out. A sort of bizzare display for those who pay to see weird things.

And that's what happened, people in groups suddenly appearing, wandering and looking around like in a museum, came to see me, looked up at me. Marveling and gawking at me as I kept a more balloon like figure. I was now an attraction for how hot air balloons are used, filling with air to capacity before flight.

But why in this outfit? I guess it was to appear as a designer "balloon". Each hose end kept hissing out air, swollen bigger, almost touching the floor just from my belly body. My nipples wheezed with air.

"Getting too big, so tight..."

The hose of the mouth made a loud "POP" as it dropped out witht The other end repeating.

Strings and ropes tied around ankles and wrists, a line lodged into my navel, a basket now ready. A few people were let in as it locked up. A longer rope was untied, my view went "higher", this view of the museum lowering before me and above an open sky. I felt a tug in my navel and more air hissed in, feeling myself groan and swell as I waver in the air, floating up and out in the open.

The museum shrank away, now in view of a cityscape, smaller from above, as I floated along, gigantic around and in girth, the passengers were in awe watching above, carried along the wind. People on the streets did notice the giant blue balloon go by, somehow bigger from the ground. I felt so swollen, I could only see around the curve of my blimp body with my head sunked in. My body kept pulling away. So tight! It felt like I was still growing, bigger than before and bigger still

More than a hot air balloon, more than a blimp; now like a giant zeppelin. Speading shadows below, tapering the buildings and darkening the streets. People looked nervous, hushed in the dark, panic setting in as I kept rounding wider when they ran, shrieks cried out, covering the city within blocks as I too moaned in despair.

I was as large as the megacity, just a dark blue cloud menacing from above. I was getting too much pressure, pulled too tight, scrunching...



What I thought was an explosion was actually a rupture of air escaping, through my nipples, navel, butt, and mouth,rushes of air wheezed sending me soaring and zipping in the air. No basket below me now, racing in the sky, trailing in the air, then zooming for the ground, but I landed in a new area, left has a heeping mess of a blanket shaped human.

Now too deflated and stuck. I was magically pulled and stretched out, smoothed out and returned to my normal form. That was a rush...

"That was exciting," Fancy suddenly cried out. "I was on the edge of my seat!" Her tiny hand petted me. "Relax, you didn't bite the big one. You're certainly taking more risks though."

I didn't think much at first;  just dealing with the initial shock of it all.

Fancy then abrupted by fuzzed state. "Want to get something to eat?"

A knack crept into me as I quickly nodded.


Now bringing me along, practically dragging me.



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So I've been planning and thinking about what I want to do for the new year. Normally, I don't do New Year goals or anything like that given how motivation can come a dime a dozen and you just fail easily just for trying to change something or do something or because things came up, whatever. It's already difficult as it is just to do anything when it comes to art as my time with it feels like an eternity just for all the prep that goes with it. Not everyone sees that prep but just the results and only the results.

Anyway, I took a break during the holidays to give myself the time to figure out what I want to do now. Doing commissions again has improved by a margin (compared to in the past barely doing any, it's a HUGE margin) and with those commissions comes not only money but also actually improving my craft. Now, I want to go a little further. As far as prices go, I will still accept points, but I would like it from those who do have the money and have PayPal accounts to start putting it into actual currency. I will be rewriting the commission widget and putting some more details about commission rules. Again, this is not to alienate anyone who likes my work, but this is to help me continue to do what I do so you can keep getting what you're already getting.

I'm not sure how goals are set up on DA in terms of setting a money goal as opposed to a points goal, but I plan on looking into getting a drawing tablet; nothing too fancy yet but something to start with and use alongside Photoshop, any other free art/drawing programs and my netbook being my main computer source. Getting a new laptop might also help, but I like the further portability of netbooks, even if the space on them is a bit lackluster despite having a chip external drive and regular external drive. For now, the tech goal is the drawing tablet. And this is why commissions are important so that there IS money going for that and also better artwork, quicker artwork (if not being done traditionally). Seeing that I don't have much in tools for mostly traditional ones and not much space at home for even a work desk to draw on. And that means: everything has to be manually set up to scan and work from there. But the point is I will have to raise the prices a bit and figure out how much from the points system. Also, I'll split image commissions by line art, color, etc. and how many characters at a time, etc. Even if it has to be $5 or over $10-$15 for each, I'm not asking for life savings. I can only suggest if any of you have money issues on how to help it.

Now if any of you have any suggestions about editing the commission's widget or other widgets to make things clear. let me know.


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:iconpartycannonplz: Happy Birthday! Hope you had a fantastic day! Ha ha! =D :iconcakeplz:
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Hee, thank you
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Happy Birthday! 
PneumaticaCutie Featured By Owner May 13, 2018  Professional General Artist
Thank you
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Happy B day
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Thank you, and thanks for putting up with my timing for commissions.
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Your Welcome
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