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Inside a college laboratory, Tandy was hard at work mixing chemicals and steaming liquids to perfect her newest project. She kept this experiment a secret from the campus after she was granted scholarship research from the Institute of Chemistry to create a chemically enhanced soda that is also healthy. Working into the night armed with crates and crates of berries, she smashed and poured pulped juice into beakers and carefully adding enough Carbon Dioxide to blueberries and cranberries for the right amount of fizzing.
Sam, a student from Tandy’s sophomore chemistry class, snuck quietly through the lab door ten past one o’clock. He stood behind a marble table and watched Tandy work, like a mad scientist concocting a diabolical brainwashing formula. Sam moved in closer and accidentally knocked over a glass tube, making a slight crash. Tandy heard the noise and turned around, spotting Sam as he ducked. She marched over to the side and stood with her arms across her chest.
“Sam, is that you,” she called. Sam didn’t have any choice for escape, so he poked his head up and found a ticked-off Tandy staring down at him.
“Hey, Tandy,” he whimpered a greeting. “I just wanted to see what you were doing.”
“Well, I told you before,” Tandy’s voice rose slightly, “Butt out of my business! I should have known you were trying to spy on me, like you had no idea when I said this is top secret.”
“Looks like you’re getting loaded with all that fruit and stuff,” Sam mocked.
“That’s a dumb reared idea,” Tandy retorted, then went back to her station. “If you must know, I’m combining the basic soda pop ingredients, including carbon dioxide, but decreasing them in small portions and adding natural fruit extract, which I hope to balance out the natural and artificial flavors.”
“So, it’s like when you have a Coke, you won’t get fat from all the crap inside?”
“Hey,” Sam then casually smiled, “That’s not a bad idea. Now people will have to buy soda all the time. But I don’t know how cool it is to have Coke and raspberry at the same time. What does it taste like?”
“I,” Tandy tried to compose herself from her sudden annoyance. “I’m not sure. I haven’t tested it out yet. I’m still testing out the CO2 amount.”
Sam walked over to him, but then felt Tandy’s vibe of annoyance.
“Look, I’m sorry I snuck up on you before. I mean, I wasn’t spying or anything. It’s like you’re invisible these days; you’re just not around.”
“Yes, I know,” she quipped. “I’ve just been busy. I really want this grant and I can’t screw this up. But Sam,” Tandy then changed the subject. “Why do you care if I’m invisible? It’s not like you did before.”
“Well,” Sam was lost for words. He couldn’t tell her how he felt about her. Sam was drawn to Tandy in a sensual way, but he also wanted to be competitive with her, showing her he was not a goof or a jerk. Out of the blue, Sam swerved the situation.
“I actually want to help you . . . With this.”
Tandy looked over with a surprised look on her face. “Really, you want to help me?”
“Well, I don’t have a choice. I mean you don’t want me to blab to everyone on campus about this new soda. You know, just to be safe.”
“Either way I think you would still blab, but . . .” Tandy voice trailed off. She was in a standstill and Sam was the one who knew the plan. How trusting is he she thought. But still she had no choice. “If you really want to help, I’m okay with that.” Tandy almost felt a bad taste in her mouth after uttering that she was okay with it.

For the next few weeks, Sam came by the laboratory to help Tandy with the ingredients and recording the results of the soft drink, promising that he will not tell anyone about the project as long as he helped her. Which meant that Sam’s social life was cut short, skipping the clubs and the bars with his buddies to pretty much focusing on one beverage at a time.
“Sam, could you hand me a towel rag,” Tandy called.
“Where are they?”
She pointed specifically over to the closet.
“They’re right in there, Sam. Open the door and look for the bucket.”
“Sure thing,” Sam replied.
He walked over to the far corner closet with honey tanned woodwork doors and jiggled with the silver handle lever. Looking directly at the bottom, he grabbed one of the musty, ripped up rags and decided to get another one, thinking that cleaning an area like this has to take more than one rag to clean up all the chemicals and such.
“Sam, I really appreciate your help all this time,” Tandy said as Sam handed her the dingy rag. “And not one person knows about this. I’m impressed.” She removed her lab coat to reveal a black tank tube top with a faded Capri skirt and white ballerina slippers and matching ankle stockings. Underneath her brilliant mind stood a beautiful young woman, untouched by scientist and college girl stereotypes.
“Hey, it’s the least I could do,” Sam, in a smooth politely aimed tone said. He then took notice of Tandy like she was another girl that walked in. He assumed that this is what was hiding from him and was going to reward him.
“I think we’re ready for a test drive,” Tandy announced as she picked up a box full of beaker glasses at the end of the lab counter. “You go grab the vat with the soda and I’ll meet you at the gym.”
The gym Sam exclaimed in his mind. Does she want to do it he asked himself almost excitedly?
“Hurry up, Sam,” Tandy called from outside.
“I’m comin’, hold on there.” Sam was about to pick the large vat filled with the dark bubbling liquid without looking at the beaker clipped to a stand near his shoulder. It clicked and tottered, splashing a couple of drops into the vat. Sam almost cursed thinking he was losing his grip when the liquid fizzled and tiny water droplets jumped up and down. He shrugged and thought it might give the soda an extra kick. Clinging the vat to his chest supported by his arms and hands, he headily made his way to the gym.

The college gymnasium glowed with the overhead lights, enhanced by the dark night outside as Tandy sets the box upon a borrowed folding table and chair. She was excited to finally take a taste of her chemical creation, promising that since she spent pretty much alone with developing it, she would be the only one to take whatever consequences to know she got it right. It might have seemed odd to experiment a new and possibly dangerous concoction in a gym, but Sam suggested it because he wanted a change of pace from spending nights inside a laboratory. Sam soon came in, squeezing his way in through the double doors and clutching the vat while gasping and grunting.
“I’m really proud of you. Any goof would drop it before it got in their hands,” Tandy said to the sweating Sam.
“Sure,” he wheezed and was only able to ask, “Where?”
“By the chair here, where I am,” Tandy pointed over for Sam’s visible eye to catch. With some strength left, he waddled a couple of steps as Tandy brought over the metal table to him. He propped it on with a heavy thud and sigh in his mouth.
“You look like you’re going to have a heart attack,” Tandy told him as he glowed like a window reflection.
“I didn’t count on this stuff to be that heavy.” He wiped his brow and face with his free hand.
“So . . . You want to get started?” Tandy folded her arms behind her way the way precocious girls do when they’re excited.
“Well, I don’t know. Did we say anything about who will drink what?”
“Well, no. But then why would I put you through something that could be serious and unknowing when you’ve pretty much stuck by me through all the ‘mad
scientist stuff? Who else would?”
Sam was not sure if this was the part to be confused about. Tandy has been down-to-earth serious about her experiment and now that she was perky and anxious, she completely changed; Sam wondered if she was going to give him something in return. He smiled and played along for now.
“Oh, I see,” he playfully cloyed. “You want to do this all yourself, is that it? What about me, then? Can I try a little taste?”
“I don’t think so,” Tandy caught his sweet nature after she filled a funnel beaker with the soda formula. “It’s not that I don’t trust you, but I know all the formula’s compounds and made the necessary calculations; I know this soda like the back of my hand. So, it’s only crazy to test it on someone else.”
With a drinking glass in hand, she poured the fizzing soda like any regular drink. “Don’t get too upset. If it all works out, you’ll be the first to taste it before it hit’s the stores.” The rim touched her lips as the soda bubbles slid on her tongue and cooled her mouth going down her throat. Her stomach settled with what felt like a refreshingly cold ice cube sitting comfortably.
“Wow,” she gasped. “This is better. So better.”
“Yeah,” Sam whispered.
Tandy finished the concoction; her stomach melting the ice cube into an airy sensation that was taking over. She might have predicted this sensation of feeling full; her hypothesis stated that blueberry soda would leave the person’s less likely to drink more. But there was something else going she knew was not part of her calculations.
“Hey, you okay,” Sam asked. He bugged at the sight of Tandy’s skin. It turned to a shade of violet and dripped through her arms and behind her calves. A blue shade enveloped the back of her neck as the rest of her body became a bright blue, like she literally became blue blooded.
The pressure inside her stomach grew and Tandy found her belly growing with increasing gas. Her arms took the shape of shiny rubber tubes as her legs swelled after her middle. Her stomach pushed her chest which pushed up her face, slightly pouting her lips before it took on its permanent look. Panic ran inside her head of the impossible: she was inflating! Growing and painted into some unusual shape and color of her former self.
Tandy could no longer see below her shirt, but she could imagine the puffing going on down below her. Her arms stretched out and her legs spread, embracing a hug while doing splits at the same time. It was a matter of a few seconds before her limbs would hide inside her, her body taking on a more rotund shape with her fingers and her toes freed from her slippers but cramping with the swelling. The rest of her clothes suffered through the ordeal, but held on gracefully allowing it to take Tandy’s new image. She was right all along to not let Sam partake of this craziness.
Sam saw the image of a human being, a girl blowing up unrealistically and growing into a ball, feared she would either continue to grow or if an unfortunate incident would take place. Right now, he only had time to remember slipping on the floor and the splashing of the soda. He blamed himself for acting like a jerk in front of her; he helped her through the weeks, doing something he wasn’t fond of at first. But now, as Tandy went on inflating, he felt a biting response; it was almost the biting he felt when he was with her.
Tandy continued to grow rounder until she was a slightly jiggling ball-shaped girl and soon became a bigger ball shape. Unexpectedly and good reason, the swelling stopped. When it was over, Sam wandered a few steps in front of what looked liked the world’s largest dodge ball. With a belly button, covered in black and Capri. Sam’s eyes then met Tandy’s, fear plagued and on the brink of tears.
“How,” she mustered a whimper. “How could this happen?”
“Well, whatever you do. And I know you want to more than anything, but don’t cry. It might make things worse.” Sam was not the sharpest when it comes to calming others in a crisis.
“But how could this happen? I thought the formula and the ingredients were correct. But the amount of carbonated water . . .”
“Maybe that was it, then?”
Tandy looked at Sam with a strong sense of curiosity on his part.
“Did anything happen?”
“Happen,” Sam feigned unknowingness.
“Well, you were the only one carrying the vat! What happened?” Tandy’s quick anger quivered her soft body, almost boiling inside her enough rage to explode.
Sam was having trouble keeping a straight face, knowing something would burst, hopefully not Tandy. “I, uh. I, uh. . . I kind of. . . Hit something. . . When I was . . . Carrying it.”
“The carbonated water!!!”
Sam’s face was still contorted when Tandy cried out. He knew he was in for it. He knew he should have told her what happened, but no, he was screwed. Even though Tandy wouldn’t be able to kill him as a blueberry colored girl, he could imagine the craziest thing yet in this already crazy situation.
“I’m really, really sorry Tandy. I didn’t think that water stuff was any harm. Who knows, maybe this might be an improvement.”
Uh oh Sam thought. Saying it was an improvement was not going to go well. No where near well. He could see it now: Tandy turning into a red giant ball of rage, inflating her even further, swelling over his head and as big as the gym. She could easily roll on top of him, squeezing every last bit of air in his lungs before . . .
But hold on he thought again. Was he turned on by it? Or the fact that Tandy became a human sized balloon? Whatever it was, it drove his pants crazy and if Tandy did get angry, his pants would be driven down further.
“Oh God,” Sam began to say, knowing that what he was going to say next would drive the stake deeper, said it anyway, “I’ve never been so turned on!”
“What,” Tandy erupted in a gasp. “Turned on? By this?”
“I can’t help it! I know what I did was a hug . . . a really bad mistake, but I have no idea how hot you look! I mean I thought you were cute when we worked together, but oh god, this is doing it for me! I don’t know why, but it is!”
Tandy wasn’t sure what to make of Sam proclamation. She was extremely self-conscious of her rounder appearance and she didn’t know if the side effect were reversible. However, her feelings of fright were dulled by the guy in front of her protruding front. The wacky character turned into her savior; she wouldn’t know how to react if this happened to her when she was alone and took the experiment unto herself. His aroused statement to her left some confusion in her mind, but to say he was turned on by this? What was he exactly planning then? Would he . . . She didn’t want to think of that part right now.
“Sam. If it means anything, I’m sorry on my part too.”
“Why are you sorry? You’re who you are, right? I’m not going to do anything to you if that’s what you’re thinking.”
“Please don’t . . . just be gentle. But not that way.”
“All right, then. But now what?”
“I don’t know. How does this turn you on?”
Tandy tried to make a turning pose for him, but found it hard to move normally without shuffling her feet and waddling her rotund body. Sam could see the vulnerability in Tandy, but something about her stroke him as a hidden beauty. He wanted to hold her and more than anything. Maybe it was what they both wanted. He gently put his hands on her barely-holding-on shirt on the area where her breasts should and found her smooth to the touch. Moving his hands to where her shoulders used to be sent a warm chill through her.
“This is amazing,” he said. “I can’t believe it.”
“That what? Getting this close,” Tandy tried to humor around. Sam smiled. Super serious college scientist Tandy was trying to be funny. He looked at this as a better opportunity than anything.
“Can I,” Sam gestured his arms into a small hug.
“I think I need it more than you do.” With her nod, Sam wrapped his arms around her, his hands missing his fingers by a few inches. She felt warm on his and smelled of berries; it was maddening, like it wasn’t real but gave his nose a workout anyway. He inhaled a little bit like on a scented candle and it smelled just as real and as sweet. It was like she was filled with berry juice, perhaps blueberries? He felt a warm sensation on his shirt and he tried to look over and found his brown tanned shirt wet. She was leaking juice from her nipples, dripping out the excess liquid as he knew that she was filled with it.   Tandy looked shocked but the juice running out of her almost relieved her in a way. Maybe her sensual excitement was a sign that the excess weight in her body was the juice escaping and could return her to her normal shape. Her excitement increased when she realized that there might be hope for her. She grew happier and hoped Sam noticed it too.
Sam noticed that Tandy was smiling. He was finally breaking through her shell when something like before happened next. The juice was seeping through his shirt and into his skin. The blue juice was covering his stomach and spread through his torso, down his legs and all around.
“Sam,” Tandy realized the traveling color on his body. “You’re turning . . .”
“Blue,” Sam finished her sentence quickly. ‘What’s happening to me?!”
He held his stomach as he ached with a sudden churning. His arms felt his stomach pushing outward, stretching his shirt open and slowly ripping apart. His legs started to balloon through his tight black pants, but he tried to find to keep himself clothed for the first time since being in college. His arms followed suit and pumped into a muscle like form that slowly fed into his expanding body. He too was growing rounder and softer, swelling into a bigger form of himself. The clothes kept their hold on him as did Tandy’s and showed a little bit of blue skin. Amazingly, the duo’s clothes still stayed on well after Sam finally stopped and appeared as another human dodge ball, clothes stretched to the max but stretched along with him. When everything settled, their bellies touched at the tip.
“Now this is a stretch,” Sam spoke, feeling and hearing a faint sloshing in his body. He thought that he was a water balloon, ready to aim and make his target yet didn’t have much freedom to move around. All he could see was his own protruding form and Tandy smiling back at him.
“This wasn’t your idea, was it, Tan,” Sam questioned his other blimped friend.
“Not in the least. But, now that you told me how cute I was, you look just as cute.”
“Aw, man. I hope the guys don’t hear about this. I’ll never hear the end of it.”
“Well, it looks like we’ll have to wait until all the juice is gone before we worry about what the entire campus would think.”
“But why do you think this happened? Were people supposed to inflate?”
“No, of course not. The carbonated water I left out of the formula has almost a quadrupled amount what normal carbonation contains. This is what happens when you mix it in I believe.”
“Odd, why make that much carbonated water?”
“It was for all the individual beakers. A little bit makes up for what soda is suppose to have. And just like leaving an open bottle of soda open, the carbonation exhumes and becomes ‘flat’”.
Sam replied in a worried squeaky voice, “Is that what’s gonna happen to us? We gonna be flat as pancakes?”
“Not to that extreme hopefully. But remember, you were the one that enjoyed this. And I’m enjoying it.”
“Then what goes around comes around then. I guess I’ll think twice next time I go for a whole keg at the next frat party.”
During the rest of the night, Tandy and Sam stood there, gigantic blue balls of flesh waiting to be deflated. Their large image would fit nicely in Willy Wonka’s factory; Oompa Loompa’s having a field day with two blueberry people.
“At least you didn’t start chanting the Oompa Loompa song when I became this big.”
“No point in singing it now,” Sam quipped. “But could we at least have fun with it for now? I mean when’s the next time this will happen to us?”
“I guess you’re right. What do you propose?”
Sam had an idea. He waddled himself into a fitting position and motioned Tandy with his small flapping arms.
“Bounce into me.” Tandy shot him a puzzled look. “See you can fly the farthest. So, bounce into me as hard as you can.”
Giving him a look that said ‘whatever’, she proceeded toward him. It was a struggle waddling over and she wasn’t sure if it was going to make a difference if she could bounce into him. She felt her feet slip and with hands flapping, she dove body first on the ground, her stomach squishing and laying on the floor. To her it sounded like a bloomp, it was what she could describe it as. Tandy tried to push her self up, but rocked back and forth. Moving forward faster, she knocked into Sam and heard a springing sound. She was knocked backward and rolled across the gym floor at rushing speed, knocking over the table with the vat and beakers, breaking them into tiny pieces and leaving a blue mess in the wake. Sam chuckled after Tandy struggled even more to waddle closer back to him.

The morning sun busted through the gym windows over the bleachers, shining on two people swimming in their own released juices and lying face by face clothes and all in blue. Sam was the first to wake.
“Hey,” he quietly mustered. “Hey, smarty pants.”
Tandy roused from her sleep, wiping an imaginary drool on her face and finding blue sticky soda on her cheek. “It’s morning,” her weary voice uttered. She turned to the concocted mess of broken glasses already shone to the fullest by morning light. “Oh my God. We slept all the way through?”
“We did. And in ways I know.” Ignoring their messy clothes, the two cleaned the linoleum of blue and swept away broken discards, placing the chair and table to a back corner by the bleachers.
* * *
Tandy’s experiment was not a total failure. She was extra cautious before putting in the necessary amount of CO2. Sam was not there with her, so she believed that he went to class early for a change. Tandy was thinking that if she forgot about the blue soda stuff on her face before coming back to the lab, there was no doubt Sam would also forget his like make-upping a hangover.
The glass door opened and Sam stood there, blueless. Tandy found him there, curious.
“So you got the stuff off yours?”
“Yeah,” Sam answered.
“But aren’t you supposed to be heading for class early?”
“It’s a holiday. No school on Friday. Ya know spring break. I guess you forgot.”
“I never really know exactly when it starts in this month. But, anyway . . .”
“Okay, wait. About last . . . What happened last,” Sam found it hard to say the words.
“You don’t have to say anything. Let’s just forget about it.”
“But . . . so you . . . really didn’t care . . .”
Sam etched closer from the door to Tandy, almost ready to embrace her, but was caught between her upraised hand and another table. She looked ready to attack him her mental force of moving a table.
“But, I think there is something I should care more about than that awkward approach.”
Sam wasn’t sure why she said that. It could have been too vague. But her hand appeared like another mystery, holding the bubbly science project.
“Let’s hope it’s no so awkward this time.”

(Excuse me if I got some science techniques or words wrong. Thanks and hope my first blueberry story goes well.)
First blueberry inflation story. This is also on a yahoo! group of a college girl experimenting to make the perfect soda. But an unwilling assisstant soon gets his hands on the fun.
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